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Successes in Fighting the Secondary Ticket Market

02 / 2014

LICHTE Rechtsanwälte are counselling and assisting Peter Maffay as well as the concert promoter DEAG AG on the occasion of the upcoming tour in 2015 to limit the secondary market for concert tickets.

LICHTE Rechtsanwälte with the team around the partners Walter Lichte, Peer Boris Schade and Sebastian Ott were successful in forcing various well-known protagonists of the secondary ticket market to cease their anticompetitive sales activities. These had offered – far ahead the official ticket sales start of the promoter – tickets for non-existing categories.

Particularly also because of his social engagement, Peter Maffay places high value on the ticket prices as fixed by him to also reach the concert visitors. In this respect Peter Maffay declared: “We will by no means allow that our fans are offered tickets in non-existing categories inducing them to buy. The tickets from the official advance booking safeguard the categories and prices fixed by me and the promoter.”

For years LICHTE Rechtsanwälte have on behalf of the band RAMMSTEIN also successfully fought against infringements of competition laws by providers in the secondary ticket market.

Lately LICHTE Rechtsanwälte succeeded on behalf of RAMMSTEIN in obtaining a preliminary injunction in court as well as a penalty payment against a well-known commercial ticket reseller with respect to tickets for the concerts of the band in 2013. On his webpage this reseller had advertised a “ticket guarantee” claiming that the tickets offered thereunder were legal. According to the regional court of Hamburg this was an anticompetitive action because the tickets were in fact not legal since within the general rules and regulations drafted by LICHTE Rechtsanwälte RAMMSTEIN had prohibited any and all transfer of the tickets.

Based hereon actions against further providers were also successful, whereupon the commercial secondary market for the tickets of RAMMSTEIN concerts was almost shut down.

At present LICHTE Rechtsanwälte are assisting a well-known organisation in its actions against a promoter of the secondary ticket market.

Responsible partners: Walter Lichte, Peer Boris Schade, Sebastian Ott